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DOOM (2016) OST - Mastermind

13. janvārī, 21:21


Support Mick Gordon and buy the official release using the links below:iTunes: is the last track I will be ripping for DOOM, thanks so much for the views! I encourage you to purchase the OST and support Mick Gordon once it is released. :DThis tracked is ripped from the game files. The music for DOOM is composed by the brilliant Mick Gordon, who also did the score to Wolfenstein & Killer Instinct. You can purchase the game here: add a link to where you can purchase the OST once it becomes available.All rights belong to ZeniMax & id, no infringement intended. Some tracks I do not know the proper names, so I apologize in advanced for switching around any titles. With the naming, I'm always open for critic or input & appreciate the comment. Let me know of any requests or errors that I made splicing the music together.

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