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Dependence - All I Need

5. oktobrī, 19:31


Long drives, and even longer nights nights home, with nothing but these tired eyes on the road. And the growing cold, of no-one to hold, and the weight of knowing that Im all alone, driving, because there's nothing left for me at home, driving because there's nothing left for me at home. Being awake is a constant reminder, of how I'm not beside her. Living dreamlessly, I'll be left with less than what it takes to breathe, but when I'm with her, I can see in colors. But when I'm with her, I'm with her, and she's with me, and that's all I need. She's all that I need to see, making a list of things is pretty short when she's everything. It's pretty short when the beginning and end of everything that I need reaches from her smiling teeth, to the way she looks at me. And lets not forget those softest of cheeks, and how I wish her hair would strangle me, already. Home is where I am with her, home is wherever I am with her, home is where I am when we're together. Wherever that may be, let's go already, let's go.

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Dependence - All I Need

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Enemijs - 5. oktobrī, 19:31
Long drives, and even longer nights nights home, with nothing but...
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Violexy - Vakar, 15:51
not in life has a casual thing like respect, same is in sport..