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Bong-Ra - Meditations (Full Album 2022)

2023. gada 30. novembrī, 15:06


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With ‘Meditations’ the almighty Bong-Ra returns with his second ritual on Tartarus Records.
Further experimentations with the new sound palette of Monolith subfrequencies, jazz percussions, whailing saxophones and ritualistic chants. Bong-Ra mixes Doom Metal, Free-Jazz and Electronics into a completely new unique crossover, with this release being heavily inspired by the teachings of the Stoics. The album ‘Meditations’ is a homage to Marcus Aurelius’ masterpiece bearing the same name.

As one of the pioneers of the electronic harsh subgenre’s Breakcore together with artists like Venetian Snares and DJ Scud, Bong-Ra (v1.0) lead the Breakcore scene for two decades, preaching his manic rhythms across the globe between 1998 and 2018.
After twenty years of carnage Jason Kohnen decided to metamorphosize his Bong-Ra alter ego and return to his original roots and passion of Doom. Founding member of the recently revived Dutch Doom Metal band ‘Celestial Season’ and Atmospheric Doom outfit The Answer Lies In The Black Void with Martina Horvath (Thy Catalfaque), he transformed Bong-Ra (v2.0) into a subbased Doom machine using the bass as the key ingredient supported by free-jazz flavoured drums and saxophone.
Discography on Ta
rtarus Records:
Antediluvian (2018)
Meditations (2022)


Tartarus Records" target="_blank" title="">…/meditations-2?label=3542061890&tab=music

Courage 00:00
Wisdom 10:45
Justice 19:48
Temperance 26:50
released August 5, 2022

Dedicated to the following inspirational minds:
James Corbett, Randall Carlson, Vandana Shiva, Max Igan,
Marc Passio, John Anthony West, Norman Finkelstein.

Tartarus Records 2022

Jason Köhnen : bass, guitar, piano, chants/choirs
guest musicians
Dmitry el Demerdashi : oud
Colin Webster : saxophone
Eugene Bodenstaff : drums

All songs written and produced by Jason Köhnen
Mastered by James Plotkin
Artwork by

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