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bbno$ - jurassic ft. trippythakid prod. lentra

14. martā, 23:29


A NEW SONG EVERY FRIDAY BABY, happy new year guys!!! go follow lentra OUT ON MY LABEL @THENORECORDS[SOCIALS]Spotify: Music/ iTunes:[lyrics][Hook]Im just tryna juggDiamonds plasticBag JurassicHow she work that booty, man she doing magic, man I like had to have itLife Jurassic, wait!BITCH IM THE GOATFlexing like the pope, I got secrets in my coat, yuhRubies going through some menopause, u got the POVMind on my money, yeh that’s the bare necessityWater, water , water , water , water – drip!Tater totter, harry potter, please get off my dick![Verse]Drippity, drippity, drippity, drippity, drippity Stick – pewpewpewBeen like 2 weeks of school, have done SHIT!UhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhAm I a dumb shit?Been like 22 years never had a real wristWhats the time bro, im feeling kinda coldThe way I whip m wrist, gold standard yeah its pinnacleThe way I drink my whey, wait what what whey?Obviously double cup – your mommies over, TIME IS UP!WADDLE WADDLE WADDLE, BIG CHAIN NO ROCKSGENIE IN THE BOTTLE, ONE WISH NO THOTS!TEXTING 99 LADIES, THINK I GOT A PROBLEMAND THE Booty got me weak, yeah akunamatatum lol!!Ice be tryna resonate, your mommie and I had a dateBroke her back one, and she told me break it twice, yeh Always on your feet, yeah im stunning just like liceYehBaby no money, you got that right! BITCH1!! Lol[trippy]IM LIKE WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAHI aint messing with you hoe!!!Trippy be the coolest on the west side of the globeOn the east side of the country, we be losing all controlPeople all over the world, telling us we dope!International passanager flying we dankPutting it together im stronger than 3 tanksBouta be a boxer with them knockers in the rinkSmoking on exotic and the product is green bankBaby no money and trip the kid we running it, put some gravy on everything, we the ones that we bumping, in the whip or the party, u got the lemon Bacardi, I got the pack of the millies,Baby no money in china!TRIPPY THE MAN ON THE MOON SOONTAKING ME OUT OF THE LINE UPTHINKING WHAT IMA DO DOOI CAN LIFT THE WORLD AND I COULD DROP IT ON YOUR HEAD BUT IF I REALLY WANNA KILL U I’LL JUST SPIT UNTILL IM DEAD AYE!!!SKRRR

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Devilishh. - 11. martā, 22:40
:D :D :D :D
Dima Bilan

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Violexy - 12. martā, 22:42
klasiska dziesma...
Jumpstyle Meeting in Berlin

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Мажор - 10. martā, 20:00
Viel spaß beim schauen ;)ein wenig random aber falls Ihr Hilfe ...
Сhrееру - 12. martā, 22:30
Элджей - California

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