bilde ko parada kad esi afk par ilgu

haven't we been here before? (music is Late Night Talk by Juche)

14. jūlijā, 19:18


SPOTIFY - DON'T FORGET ⬇︎Late Night Talk by Juche ⬇︎ I use to make my videos ⬇︎Camera 5k this channel you'll find my own personal videography.I put a lot of time and energy into my films and I truly appreciate your support.The music appearing in this video was submitted by its rightful owner. Written permission, as always, is on file.JucheBandcamp https://fromjuche.bandcamp.comFacebook Intro is original footage recorded and edited by FOMHsomewhere in Manhattan nyc... ♡Camera: Sony a7sii + Sony 35mm 2.8 lensFOMH is a platform dedicated to creativity and original content.New videos uploaded every Saturday at 2pm eastern standard time.

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